Boston’s unapologetically noisy and transcendent four piece Surfadelic Psych Rock unit Ace McGuire’s Acid Tabs are defibrillating their local music scene with blood pulsing riffs paired with a hit of tape echoed and verbed out psychedelia.

Originally a bedroom recording project of Bermudian singer and songwriter Liv Dunks and New Bedford MA’s guitarist, singer and producer Mitch Cardoza, they expanded their vision by adding San Francisco's multi-instrumentalist Erik Dietz on bass and rock-obsessed Massachusetts native Sam "Spaceman" Pace on drums.

Inspired by the tones of the garage rock revival, the sun bleached aura of Bermuda and the raw power of punk, their specific concoction of sounds could only be amalgamated by this foursome.

Drippy guitar lines, heavy handed skin tearing drums, bass like a freight train, the yin and yang of sultry and graveling vocals and an all you can handle buffet of energy on stage makes Ace McGuire’s Acid Tabs an act to follow to hell and back.

AMAT has been in the incubation period since April of 2023 and is about to unleash a rapid fire of singles. Their first single, a Surf Punk anthem titled ‘Your Love Is Cheap’ is a declaration of departure from love that brings an unexpected seduction to sink your teeth into only to taste fuzzed out chaos beneath it's skin. It will cloak your ears in a hot palpable haze of smoky vocals, ignited guitar licks and gassed up tones.